Children at the World Meeting

Children will be welcome at the RTI World Meeting 2023 in line with the Round Table Southern Africa philosophy of making Round Table a family-centred lifestyle. 

We cater to the children as follows:


  • Two of our Pre-tours are family-friendly, where activities that appeal to the whole family will be included. Children can stay with their parents in the same room during the pre-tour. These tours are the Beach, Bush and Berg as well as the Cape Highlights tours.

RTI World Meeting:

  • We will have a dedicated Tabler responsible for the children’s programme at the World Meeting. He will have a team of persons helping him, mostly from Round Table, Ladies circle or direct family members. We will also employ qualified external help as required.
  • Children will be split into two age groups, being 3 to 10 and 11 to 16. Anyone attending the World Meeting between these ages will automatically be allocated to these groups. There is no choice in this matter as children will not be welcome at most World Meeting evening events. These age groups will have a separate evening programme, including various activities. Dinner and entertainment will also be included in this programme. 
  • We have ensured that 2 of the day tours are family-friendly. This allows parents to enjoy Cape Town and its surroundings with their children.
  • The children’s programme will run daily from 18h00 in the evening until 24h00 at night. There will always be two adults present per age group, one of who is a Tabler or Circler. Parents are welcome to visit their children anytime during the children’s programme.
  • Children will stay with their parents in one room during the World Meeting and will have breakfast with them. We have arranged with hotels to have family rooms available.
  • A dedicated communication group will be created with all parents giving them regular updates on all that is happening during the programme.
  • A separate registration fee will be charged for all children during the registration phase of the World Meeting. The cost per child will be Euro 180.

Programme for the Children

We have booked out a dedicted space in the main hotel for the childrens programme.  We will have plenty of bean bags, goodie bags, food, drinks and entertainment to ensure that our younger participants fully enjoy themselves.

Opening night will be focused on board games and a scavenger hunt designed to get the kids to get to know each other.  A movie will be put on from about 22h00 to allow the tired ones some much needed rest.

During Nations night, the kiddies will dress up and partake in arts and crafts and play “minute to win it”.  We ill have some dancing and zumba to show the different dance styles from around the world.

During the clubhouse night, we will have a safari themed evening with various games and interactive experiences.  We will have a popcorn machine and maker on site and play various animal related games

For the Gala dinner, the kiddies will dress up and we will have a photo booth for the parent and kiddies before the parents go to the gala dinner.  We will have a magic show and an escape room activity, and during evening dinner, everyone will get a special gala themed gift.

Our team of expienced care givers are there to ensure that everyone will have a great time.

Children over the age of 16 years will be allowed to participate in the entire World Meeting programme. Still, they will be the responsibility of their parents or legal guardians.

No children under 3 years old will be allowed at the World Meeting Events. Children under 3 years old will have free access to the children’s programme, where a parent or guardian must be present with them at all times.